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Not ready to take on the task of installing the squirrel guard on your own, we may be able to help. We have been installing squirrel deterrent systems for over 10 years. Having completed over 2,500 installations, we are confident that we can install a squirrel guard system for you and provide you with an outstanding service. Our installers use our own products which are of extremely high quality and should provide years of maintenance free service. Our installation region spans the states of MA, NJ, NY, CT and parts of PA and MD. Our standard installation includes the removal of all squirrels and or pigeons from under your solar array, removal of all eggs or babies from under your solar panels, removal of nests, installation of our squirrel guard screen and washing of your solar panels. We can also provide you with an annual solar panel wash at an additional fee. Our pricing is per linear foot installed and is determined by distance from our office, pitch of the roof, spacing between panels and roof edge, etc. Roof repairs and shingle replacements are offered at an additional charge. There are no hidden charges or up sells once we have quoted you a price. Our installers are not electricians and cannot repair or replace chewed wires.

In addition, we work with installers in several States that can offer professional installation at a fair price. The installers we recommend all use our squirrel guard screen so rest assured, you will get the highest quality materials in all their squirrel or pigeon deterrent installations. While we cannot guarantee their work, we will remove them from our list of recommended installers if we do not receive positive feedback from customers’ we recommend to them. The installers we work with set their own pricing and we have no control over their pricing or dealing with end customers. We do not charge them a referral fee and just pass on leads to them in States where we do not install pest abatement systems. We do not control their business practices and recommend that you deal directly with them.

We also install squirrel guards in several North East States and will provide you a price if you would like us to handle the install and it is within a 300 mile radius of our office. If you would like to avail of our installation service or are looking for a referral to a professional installer, complete the form below. Our squirrel guard is the perfect solution against infestation by pigeons, small birds, squirrels, raccoons, roof rats, etc.

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