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8 inch squirrel and bird protection kit. 36 kits for professional installers. Less than $114 / kit. Now with free next day shipping.


Category: Home Installers


Product Description

Squirrel and bird protection for solar panel kits for professional installers. Save with bulk purchases. This offer is for 36 kits which is a total of 3,600 feet of wire and 3,600 fasteners. DIY installers, select our individual rolls, fasteners and kits. The squirrel and bird protection for solar panels kit includes the wire and the fasteners. Our PVC coated galvanized steel wire will resist corrosion while enhancing the appearance of your solar PV system. Used by 100's of professional installers. Wire is cut and then PVC coated to avoid any sharp edges. This will protect your hands from being cut as well as protect your roof from damage. When installed properly, our wire and clips will create a barrier that will protect your solar panels from damage caused by squirrels, birds, raccoons, roof rats, pigeons, etc. Our kit includes 100 non-penetrating fasteners. Our specially designed fastener will work with most solar panel manufacturers products. Our fasteners are designed to hook into the lip under your panel and do not require any penetration of the panels protecting your valuable investment in your solar panels and maintaining your warranty. Made with aluminum to prevent corrosion. Washers are painted black on one side to match the screen and ease of installation. We exclusively use our own wire and fasteners for all our installs and have completed 2,000+ installs in the last 10 years. Check out our complete kits on our products page . For guidance with how to use the fasteners, check out our installation tips. Have a question? give us a call at (973) 408 9110. We love to hear from you. All orders ship within 1 business day.


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